Organizations in Flow

A better way to work

How great would it be to work in an organization where creativity, ideas, and information flow freely? Where decisions are made in the right moment, by the right people, in the right place?

There is a better way to work. The way we used to do things doesn’t work anymore. Classical hierarchies, predict and control, and driving culture change from the top down are obsolete.

I focus on the structure, culture and habits in your organization to create workplaces where people can flourish, agility is baked into the system, and where all the wisdom already present gets leveraged to do great things.

As a Certified Holacracy Coach and member of Energized I support organizations adopting self-organization and explore what it means to organize for citizenship. But even if radical self-organization is not for you (yet?), I’d love to collaborate with you in building healthy, inclusive and distributed organizational cultures.


Let all the wisdom and creativity flow towards your organization’s purpose, without top-down control.


Power flows freely for everyone in the organization. Include all perspectives and voices without endlessly seeking for consensus.


Embrace the flow of playful experimentation and unbounded collaboration.

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